Learn more about iOS and macOS application development here. I’ve assembled a collection of explanations which should get you started on the road of maintainable software in no time.

How to Contribute

Okay, the title lies: this isn’t a real wiki where you can easily add, edit, and comment on pages. It’s a static website. I tried to make it as wiki-esque and open as possible, though, leveraging the power of open source project hosting on GitHub:

  • This website (and this wiki) are hosted on GitHub.
  • Every wiki page has shortcut links to modify the corresponding file on GitHub.

So you will be able to contribute via Pull Requests on GitHub. That’s not as comfortable as a real wiki, and changes don’t appear instantly, but we’ll still be able to collect different viewpoints to a problem if you provide yours.

On the upside, someone (me) reviews contributions before they go live. That’s a good spam prevention mechanism. Plus we won’t lose content. The only place for holy wars is in Pull Requests, but not through edit wars on this page, which I call a win.


Software Architecture

Design Patterns